Review: Jenulence mineral makeup (foundation/concealer and blush)

First impression: white, professional looking page, easy to search

Something about them: They have a wide range of mineral makeup, natural mineral cosmetics and organic skincare. They even have something for men too! And what's the best part? It isn't tested on animals!

Their motto: If you can't eat it, don't use it on your skin!

I wish more companies would think like that.

I was sent a mineral foundation/concealer (full size) and a sample size mineral blusher.

The swatches:

No flash

With flash

And how it looks on skin.

No mineral foundation/concealer and blusher

With mineral foundation/concealer and blusher


Mineral foundation/concealer in Pink Ginger

How I choose: Since they have such a vast variety of colors to choose from (38!) and since you can't really go wrong with mineral foundation (unless it's too dark), I chose the lightest pink undertoned foundation they had.

What it does: Jenulence mineral foundation/concealer is for heavier coverage and foundation/powder for lighter coverage. So this foundation/concealer hides your red spots and imperfections (ha, believe me, I have lots).
As you can see from the picture above, it gives you a nice silky natural finish and an even tone. It stays put for the whole day with no corrections needed (it's even water and sweat proof).

Ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, sericite, iron oxides, oxidized mica powder, may contain ultramarine blue.

+ 38 colors to chose from
+ perfectly matches my skintone
+ SPF 25
+ a little goes a long way
+ waterproof
+ sweatproof (I want to look pretty in the gym AND at the beach)
+ it stays put for the whole day
+ no need to use finishing powder
+ makes your skin more healthy looking
+ matte finish
+ evens out your skin tone
+ great coverage for imperfections
+ doesn't feel like a cake on face
+ natural
+ hypoallergenic
+ non-comedogenic
+ great oil control
+ doesn't dry up my skin
+ not tested on animals
+ handcrafted

Really couldn't find any!

Mineral Blush in Currant Satin

How I choose: I believe that you can have hundreds of blushes and all will fit you (for different occasions), since all my blushes are light pink or light coral, I chose a pink undertoned sightly darker blush. When I first applied it I was really surprised by its pigmentation! Most of the blushes don't show on pictures (even if you apply a ton of it and look like a clown in real life), but this one is really visible even with flash. That is really important since I do makeup on my models as well and how does a face without a blush look like? Unhealthy and boring. I'd say if you want to apply just one makeup item, apply blush. It'll make you look fresh and awake (perfect for that moody mornings).

What it does: It gives you a healthy glow.

Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, sericite, iron oxides, ultramarines, and manganese violet.

+ 23 colors to chose from
+ it's buildable
+ a little goes a long way
+ very pigmented
+ handcrafted
+ natural
+ not tested on animals

Couldn't find any

Overall: I found two keepers!

XOXO Parisky


Vanilla said...

mineral concealer never works for me!hehe
glad u like mineral makeup!it never breaks me out!hehe

sanja said...

mineralne pudre, senčke in rdečila lahko zmešaš z vodo, kremo, prozornim lakom in prozornim glosom in si nardiš čisto svoj izdelek :) si vedla to? :) probaj pride ful hudo.. ampak je pa pravilo.. krema in voda - puder in senčke, prozoren glos-rdečila za lica, edino če hočeš modro šminko pol daš senčko :) in prozoren lak - senčke :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Vanilla: That's because it's non-comedogenic :) And yes, right now I'm in the process of changing all my makeup to mineral makeup :)

Sanja: Vem, ampak hvala za še par nasvetov :) Nekaj časa nazaj sem si že zmešala par lakcev tako, pa glos sem tudi probala in se ni obneslo (ni se zmešalo)...

Gaby said...

I bought the satin blush collection in sample size and all 12 colors are pigmented and blend like a dream. I even used them as an eyeshadow, since most colors are too dark for me and they stay put, no creasing.