NOTD: Jessica One Million Watts

I've used Jessica One Million Watts nail polish from the Mega Watt Style summer edition. :)
It's a pink with major orange undertone.

4 coats:

XOXO Parisky


☆Anastacia☆ said...

Hmmm! 4 coats! But looks good! Like the color!

Amandita said...

wow very pretty

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Anastacia: Yep, it's pretty sheer but definitely worth it :)

Amandita: Thank you :)

Gaby said...

What a pretty coral! Very summery ^^

Thanks for your comment! Well I do try to apply top coat every other day because I go by cheap nail polishes (mainly Sally Hansen) which is chipping really quickly on my nails. This is the only way I've found to prevent that -_-