Swatches: Essence Nail Art Twins

It's time for swatches form my haul. Click on images to make them BIGGER.

All nail polishes from the TWINS collection are one-coaters :) 3 out of 4 are cream nail polishes, only Romeo has a slight frosty finish.

On my index finger: Thelma
Middle finger: Bonnie
Ring finger: Romeo
Pinkie finger: Mr. Big

Now to the paired twins. Basically the glitters are all the same, with just different colored small glitter.

On my index finger: Thelma & Louise
Middle finger: Bonnie & Clyde
Ring finger: Romeo & Juliette
Pinkie finger: Mr. Big & Carrie

How do you like this twins?

XOXO Parisky


Thumby11 said...

<3 jst bi tudiiiiiii:P

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Thumby11: ja super so! Zdaj sem pa ugotovila, da obstaja še en parček, ki ga nimam! :(

Anja said...

v kopru pa se nic nimajo :'(

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Anja: Ma kako da ne? Mi je danes rekla soseda, da še nekaj imajo (pa še slikice kar je kupla je postala). Jst grem ju3 še počekirat v Kp, pa upam, da kaj dobim :/

Gabriela said...

Thanks for the swatches. This collection haven`t arrived to Spain yet.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Gabriela: No problem. But I have learned there is another couple (Joe & Victory).
This collection has come and gone here :/

Anonymous said...

cool blog!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Anonymous: Thank you :)
Buy: Mr. Big and Carrie are such gorgeous colors!
You can get them in my giveaway ;)