Latest Haul

I finally got everything else I need (except for the cute high waisted frilly skirt).

I got 2 identical skirts 

A long summer dress (dark blue)

Some cute T-shirts

 Basic spaghetti-strapped shirts (and a tacky one ... )


And they also gave me a cute bracelet:

Than we went (yes, again) to DM for some self-tanning lotion (Xen-tan rocks but I wanted to try something cheaper). And I also found 2 Essence nail polishes from their Into the Wild collection. :)
I've tried this self-tanning lotion and it works just fine :) It absorbs instantly and has a really nice smell (unlike some other expensive self-tanners). 

Now I'm done with hauling for at least a month ... or so.

XOXO Parisky


Tiana said...

Uuuu kiklce so pa res luštne! Kje si ju pa kupila? <3<3<3

Vanilla said...

nice haul!
love the skirts!
will u do outfit post?:)

Jen(ny) said...

The skirts and owls tank top are so cute ^_^

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Hvala Tiana: v Trstu :)
Vanilla: Thank you! :) Yes I will do outfit posts again :)

Jian said...

Pretty pretty!! =) Love it~~

Self-tanner eh? But your skin is beautiful the way it is!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that lavender skirt!

Lillian Funny Face said...

I love the skirts and that harlequin t-shirt :)

Biba said...

Krilca in vse majčke so mi noro všeč. Škoda, da nisi tega kupila kje pri nas, bi se že zapodila v trgovine... :))

urshiusz said...

no zdj vem kir selftanning kupit ki uni od dove in nivea nebi lih... ki čene bom mocarella celo poletje :S

Anja said...

omg, krilca so fantasticna!

ipehishere said...

soo cuteee skirt and bracelete XD

With love, Ana. said...

Super pridobitve ;)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Jenny: Thank you :) Lately I've noticed an owl trend :D

Jian: I know ;) But this summer I got sick and tired of comments like "you live by the sea and are so pale?" plus it hised some imperfections :D Ah it feels good to be slightly tanned in the summer :) (of course fake, because I'm a no sunbathing freak) :P

Keiko: Thank you, it's my favourite as well :)

Lillian Funny Face: Thank you :) He's totally cute, right? ;)

Biba: Pri nas nisem zasledila takih krilc zaenkrat ;( Se pa splača it pogledat v Trst ;)

Urshiusz: Jaz sem eno leto uporabljala tistega od Johnson&Johnson in je smrdeeel in ful hitro šel dol. Tale od DM-ja je prav fajn :) Ti pa priporočam, da si pred tem narediš en fajn peeling. Aja in je tak gradual tan (dobiš postopoma barvo).

Anja: Hvala ;)

Ipehishere; Thank you ;)

With love, Ana: Hvala ;)

rhaindropz said...

oh.. love your hauls darling =)