Latest Hauls


I've been bad, really bad ;) I've been hauling (a lot).

First I went to H&M for some basics (it's hot here).
I love the puffy shorts :)

Than I went to our DM for some things I ran out and some things I wanted to try (like those silk wraps and that new Nivea lotion). That Nivea protect & sun lotion is a comoplete scam. I tought it is some kind of a self tanning lotion combined with sun protection. But than I read what it said (after I bought it, of course :P)

NIVEA SUN Protect & Bronze sun lotion combines reliable protection and a natural looking tan. It contains a natural plant extract that activates the skin’s own melanin production for an even and natural tan. Melanin is produced naturally by your body and is responsible for protecting and tanning your skin. The extra light, non greasy and moisturising formula contains a highly effectiveUVA/UVB filter system that protects your skin immediately after application. Water resistant. 100% natural tanning, 0% self tan.

So basically it's a normal sun lotion (for double price) ... because of course your skin naturally produces melanin, it's a way it tries to protect itself! 

Anyway, than I went to our local Newyorker and bought some cute flats and a shirt. Oh, I almost forgot the last one: H&M  (again but this time a different one) where I got those cute shorts (high waisted with a ribbon) and all those accessories.

I'm still looking for cute skirts and some basic shirts, so hopefully I can get them in the next week or so.

XOXO Parisky

P.S. The giveaway is closed and I'm checking all the entries.


xnosugaraddedx said...

O_O Love the flats!! and the accessories!! :D

Thumby11 said...

ajaaaa?!?! imajo znizane uhancke....aaaa;D

une modre hlačke sem si hotla tudi jaz kupit, pa ni blo stevilke za mojo rito;(

Katrina said...

i love the accessories & tops! ;)

Joan said...

I just noticed that you have Rimmel's Night Before colour on your wishlist. That is such a gorgeous purple hue! :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

xnosugaraddedx: Thank you!

Thumby11: Jaaa! Imajo kar precej accessorijev znižano, pojdi pogledat ;) Une hlače so ful lušne (pa še znižane ;). Sem imela lih srečo s številkami :D

Katrina: Thank you! :) I love them too ;)

Joan: Yes, I've seen it on a blog and immediately fall in love with it :) And it's purple :P