NOTD: S-he 439

Hello Lovelies!

Today I'll show you my current manicure. I really loved my french manicure but it turned out that Essence French Pen sucks! It chipped within few hours (and I had three coats over it) on my whole right hand. My left hand was intact, but only for a hour more than my right hand.  Anyway I remembered why I disliked that product. True, it makes doing french manicures so much easier, but it needs two coats (what is kind of difficult with french tips already) and it chips within hours (no matter what you do).

Here is S-he 439 that is one of those polishes that were impulsively bought.
I bought it because I taught it's a black polish with glitter. But in reality is a dark brown with gold shimmer and holographic glitter. A true beauty to see in real life! 

Artificial light:

Natural light:

But today I got already bored with it as it is more of an autumn color (and here is summer already). So I  did a konadicture on top of it ... blah.

XOXO Parisky


Katrina said...

i love the konad you did on top of it! =)

mint said...

lol that's so cute. I love the paw prints!

Tiana said...

Tega imam tudi jaz! Leeeeeeep! =D

Ioewe said...

Pri meni je bil bolj aktualen pozimi, ker je pasal k šalu, zelo lep pa je zmatiran. :)

ThRiSzHa said...

love this shade on u..

Mylanqolia said...

Awww, the konadicure is super cute! Cute doggie and paws... :-)

missylilarose said...

Ahaha I almost have the same pic than yours !!! With those konads and the same king of color ! =)
Lov it... so cuty

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Thank you Katrina!
Mint aww thank you :)
Tiana: Hvala! Res je lepotec :)
Ioewe: res je tak bolj jesenski/zimski, zato sem se ga pa tudi tako hitro naveličala :P Škoda, da sem ga že dala dol, ko sem prebrala tvoj komentar :/ Zdaj me matra kakšen je zmatiran :P
Thriszha: Thank you :)
Mylanqolia: Thank you :) Yes cute doggie :D
Missylilarose: Hahahaa ;D What a coincidence :) I guess brown goes well with doggies :D