NOTD: Essence Into the Wild Zulu

Hello Dears!

Today I'll show you Essence (02) Zulu from the Trend Edition Into the Wild. This color is something between gray and brown. I've seen some blogger pictures in the past (and recently) and I loved them (and that was the main reason I bought it) but I really really hate it on my nails. It is supposed to dry matte but it dries satin. See for yourself:

Here I did a comparison with Essie Matte About You top coat, so that you could see how matte is supposed to look like. Matte top coat on my index and ring finger:

But I really wasn't convinced with the color so I did a sponge manicure on top of it with Essence (01) Desert Fox from the same collection.

Naah ... still not convinced. I did a konadicture on top of it with Essence Twins Romeo. The combo was almost invisible and I hated it.

So I layered Sinful Colors (921) All About You. All About You is a transparent nail polish with loads of gold glitter that changes color to green and some bigger pieces of orange glitter.

It looked so much prettier with this layer of glitter! I even got some compliments. Anyway I still hate it. It must be because it's too brown for me (I dislike brown color). 

And what about you? What is your least favourite color?

XOXO Parisky


mancina se štima said...

ful lepo!! barva je ubijalsko lepa <3

Tassa said...

Meni je še vedno sam najlepši! Prav čudno mi je, ker nobene ne prepriča ta lakec, meni je pa fenomenalen sam (ali pa s kakšnim nežnim konadom). ;)

shruti said...

have a similar colour on my nails right now :) except they grey is a tad darker. i love how you layered the Sinful Colours on top.

shruti said...

oh and i think the colour itself looks better without the matte coat on top :/

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Mancina: Hvala! :)
Tassa: Lušten je, ampak očitno meni rjave/sivo-rjave barve ne ležijo preveč ... -.-
Shruti: Thank you! Yes, I agree, shiny it's better :D