FOTD: Green Makes Me Happy

Yup, you've read it right! The green color really makes me happy as it reminds me of nature, grass and Spring. And all those things make me happy :)

So, as promised here is the makeup that goes great with my Saint Patrick's Day manicure.

Happy happy :)

Don't be fooled by this pictures, this green makeup is very vivid, as I've used Fyrinnae OMGWTF and Sugarpill Absinthe  that are both really pigmented and vivid. This look is very similar (by intensity and color)  to one of my previous makeups called Velociraptor Said OMGWTF

The lips (please don't ask me what I've used, as I've mixed 3 different lipstick and can't quite remember which ones) :P

 Do you know what happened when I was doing my makeup? I left the little jars of green magic (aka green eye shadows) opened on the shelf and... the OMGWTF one fall on the floor and it's whole content was all over me, the rug and the floor. Hahaha, that really was some green sparkly mess, but I started laughing because I was covered from head to toe in it!  You should have seen it, it was hilarious :))) 

Now off to pictures where I'm being silly :)

Showing off my pretty manicure :)

I love this shirt as it has a gorgeous writing on it.

"Trust in Love"

I do :))

Have fun,


Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

Green looks well on you! I started using green too because I change hair color (from brown to copper) and I think it looks good :) maybe I'll copy it,
ahah: "that really was some green sparkly mess,"

Anna. said...

Prekrasno, res! Make up, nohti...Ampak najbolj ušeč so mi pa ustnice. Dober si namešala :P

Tamara said...

Hahaah.. :D sem sele sedaj sla brat. Si resila kaj sencke?

tomi / mytigerlily said...

Ooh pretty! I actually don't have any shimmery lime greens.. >.<

MartianDelights said...

This look makes you look so fresh-faced, it's lovely !

nail crazy said...

super - i lice i nokti :-D

With love, Ana. said...

Joj kok si luštna, kot porcelanasta punčka <3

Spider Girl (Ana M.) said...

Very pretty!!

NatalieDouka said...

Lovely makeup!!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Alice: :) yup, green looks great with copper :) Thank you.

Hvala Anna. :)))

Tamara: uf, čiiiiisto malo :P So pa zato copati in predpražnik take fensi šmensi zelene barve :))

Tomi: Thank you :) hehe :D

Thank you MartianDelights

Nail crazy: Hvaala :)

Ana: Heheh, hvala :P :))

Spider Girl: Thank you!

NatalieDouka: Thank you :)

Pretty said...

pretty makeup!