Gets: Illamasqua Toxic Nature

I was extremely happy when I got my first package from Illamsqua into my mail box! :)
So here are the things I got to review:
- Nail polish in Gamma
- Lipstick in Flare
- Cream Pigment in Emerge
- Cream Pigment in Dab

Right now I'm working on the review and so far all I can say is wow! The lipstick is so vivid you can barely believe it! The pigments are lovely, and the nail polish is still waiting to be used.
Now I'm off to testing them and than taking some decent pictures.

Have fun,
XOXO Parisky


Thumby11 said...


nail crazy said...

lucky you! Ĩekam svatceheve :-)

NatalieDouka said...

This collection is so pretty! I want the orange lipstick but price+shipping is just too much for a lipstick for me.