Haul: Essence New Stuff

Hello Darlings :)

This time I bought something for me :)
Do you know that Essence has lunched a lot of new things? No, well go check it out if you can.

This is what I got (minus the gel eyeliner that is in the 2nd picture)

This was my first part of the haul (day 1)

Let's break it down:

From left to right: You Belong To Me (pastel blue, perfect for Spring), Let's Get Lost (pretty medium blue), Out Of My Mind (absolutely stunning duo chrome- blue and green), Where Is the Party (another duo chrome-green and purple, Irreplaceable (gorgeous beige with gold shimmer)

From left to right: Circus Confetti (it reminds me of Happy Birthday from Lippmann), Hello Holo (omg it's a holo topper), Cool and the Gang (a TRUE indigo), Bella (hopefully it's a dupe of H&M Bella's Choice, but I doubt it).

I also got 2 eye brushes. One is an angled brush for gel eyeliners and it's sooo soft, love it.
The other one is a crease brush and is truly the softest crease brush I own! If you have a chance, go buy it as it's cheap and better than many other brushes.

Ok, now I'll show you how the gel eyeliner looks like. I picked the purple one, because I love purple (heh, which color I don't love?) And of course I had to stick my finger in it. Do you know what happend? I picked up half of the gel eyeliner with it! (ok, I'm a bit exagerating, but it's extremely soft). I thought, well whatever, I'll test it out.  Huh, see for yourself. 

It did need some work to work (:D), but to me it wasn't purple. It looked black(ish) and it didn't last more than 3 hours on my eyes (and eyeliners stay put on my eyes). 

So I love the nail polishes and adore the new brushes (all their brushes are amazing), but I would skip the gel eyeliner.

I love shopping :) Do you know why? Because I feel like a kid in a candy store with all those colors to chose from. And  the best part is, that I can wear those colors (unlike with candy, where you eat them :D) and play with them. So the next time you see me in a cosmetic department giggling like crazy, you'll know why :D

Have fun,


rock-or-not said...

I love it!!
Can't wait to see the swatches!

Passing fancy said...

tud js sm čist znorela ko sem zagledala nove stvari..pobirala kot nora z polic :D:D in me še tudi čaka review^^

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

rock-or-not: Thank you :) The swatches will follow very soon :)

Passing Fancy: Hehe :D Bi me morala videt: tega pa reeeees ne rabiš, imaš doma že tooooliko lakcev :P Jaaa rabim :P :))

G A B Y said...

When I saw Circus Confetti I immediately thought of Lippmann Happy Birthday! Hello Holo looks gorgeous too x

Tara said...

I wish they had more essence in the US! Nice haul :D

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

woa!! :) I'd like to see the swatches!! oh... I'm sorry for the gel eyeliner!

NatalieDouka said...

wow! The nail polishes look stunning! The gel eyeliner doesn't last? :( :( I wanted the purple too, now I'll maybe buy the e.l.f. one. Whaaaat? Essence has a crease brush? great news!

nail crazy said...

sve super izgleda, jedva čekam kad će se nove stvari spustiti malo južnije ;-D

Lillian Funny Face said...

Oh god I'm so jealous we don't get this company! I NEED the circus confetti and the 2 duochromes. Wooow.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Gaby: They really are gorgeous!

Tara: Maybe you'll get more of Essence, who knows :)

Alice: The swatches will come in the next weeks :P :) Yup, too bad for the eyeliner.

Natalie: Nope, it's crap. The elf one is waaay better than this one :) Yes, now Essence has a crease brush it's great!

nail crazy: Upajmo, da kmalu ;)

Lillian: You don't get it? That's weird and too bad :( Yup, they're very pretty! :) Maybe you can do a swap?

darthangel165 said...

Im hoping they will get all this in the Ulta near me. i love essence its my favorite store line of makeup!

Anonymous said...

Meni je pa ta eyeliner super, je zdržal celo petkovo noč brez problema, zanimivo.

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