Haul: I Can't Help Myself

I bought something ... again. Lately I can't pass a store without buying something (of course we're talking about cosmetic stores, because I'm usually quite picky about clothes and other stuff).
So this time I got a nail polish for my sister (the confetti one) and three Catrice nail polishes for me. Than I saw the new Essence LE collection and I had to grab the liquid blusher, a gloss and a solid perfume ring (for my giveaway!) :)

I also bought a nice scarf (not in the cosmetic store) as lately it seems I have an obsession with scarves. They're my IT thing this Spring :))

Catrice nail polishes: blue (on top pictues) - Up in the Air; the green one is Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy; and the raspberry one is called Raspberry Fields Forever 

XOXO Parisky


KarenD said...

I can't blame you--those Catrices look very good, especially the blue and green.

Thumby11 said...

uh ta prstancek, pa liquid blush sem si tudi jaz nabavla:)

Carla said...

The essence blush looks really pretty!

Sanja said...

Ojoj kako te razumem... šal mi je všeč!

nail crazy said...

izgleda da se u hrvatskoj neće prodavati ovaj prsten a meni izgleda fantastično :-(
pa tko bi odolio ovako krasnim lakićima ;-)

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

nice haul... ok you're in the tunnel...if you want to exit i think you should make a list with every makeup product you have and then write the prices..then sum them and look how much you spend... It really helped me and now I think it's maybe 5 or 6 week of no buyin :)

G A B Y said...

The confetti nail polish and the liquid blusher look gorgeous! Great haul x

Katrina said...

i love the haul~ and the ring :)))

Tassa said...

Simpatične stvarce si nabavla. :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

KarenD: Yup, Catrice nail polishes are gorgeous!

Thumby11: prav luštna sta :))

Carla: Yes :))

Sanja: hehehe, ustanovimo kljub? :)

nail crazy: mogoče še pridejo? E super paše :)

Alice: Thank you for the tip, but in reality I don't want to know how much I spend on it. I have another hobby that is waaay more expensive than this one :/ So I just get what fancies me atm :))

Gaby: Thank you Gaby :)

Katrina: Thank you

Tassa: Hvala :)

Natalie said...

Nice haul! Essence makes it really hard to buy nothing, I know... I'd love to know your opinion about the liquid blush. :)

Summer said...

Super nakup :) A mi zaupaš kje si našla ta novo Essence kolekcijo?