Review and Swatches: Illamasqua Toxic Nature

Hello Darlings :)
I really hope you've enjoyed my previous post on Beauty, but now it's time to get back on schedule with reviews of some latest collections.  I promise I'll do some more inspirational posts as soon as I can.

Before Illamasqua's latest Spring/Summer 2011 Toxic Nature collection  was available for the public to purchase, I got a sleek black box into my mail box. Guess what it was? Some products from Toxic Nature collection!

I got: 
Nail Polish in Gamma
- Cream Pigment in Emerge
- Cream Pigment in Dab
- Lipstick in Flare

Cream Pigments

It's a lilac cream pigment with a matt finish.

Of course I had to try it right away on my eyes and I loved it! It makes my eyes pop and it's such a great colour for Spring as it reminds me of flowers in Spring and the fresh feeling I get in Spring :)

It looks great on the lips as well :) 


It's a peach cream pigment with matt finish.

I absolutely love this one! I wore it  at work and felt so fresh and young with it on the eyes :) It gives you a "no-makeup" look instantaneously.

Emerge is very wearable  as a lipstick as it gives you a nude look, but with a bit of colour. I think this may be the next "it" look for this spring.

And the swatches

At first I tried the pigments without any eye primer. They didn't crease for whole 15 minutes on my extra oily lids. Than I applied an eyeshadow on top and they didn't crease for approximately 1 hour and with an primer under the cream pigments they didn't crease for 5 hours, what really is something, if you ask me. 

+ Fresh Spring colours
+ The texture
+ The formula 
+ Great staying power
+ The package

- Not really suitable for extra oily lids

Price: £17.00

Where to get? HERE

Lipstick in Flare

It's a bright orange lipstick.

I couldn't really capture the gorgeous colour of it, but usually it's more orange and less red than in this pictures. When I applied at first I was so happy! I finally got a lipstick that is so bright orange that it's almost neon. I was wow'd away :)

The formula is a bit dry (but not drying), so I really recommend you a good lip balm underneath, especially if you have dry lips.

+ The colour! 
+ Doesn't dry out your lips
+ The package 

- Dry formula (a bit chalky to apply)

Price: £15.50

Where to get? HERE

Nail Polish in Gamma

It's a gorgeous neon orange nail polish.

Ahh.. lately I've been obsessing over the orange colour, so this is perfect for me! It's bright, it's neon and it's ORANGE! What more do you want?

The first picture is the most colour accurate from the bunch.

The formula was good, as with all other Illamasqua's nail polishes. I needed 2 coats, but some nail lines were still a bit visible. The saying power is on the average side (I got one chip in the same day, but the rest of  manicure resisted for another 2 days). And as all neon polishes, this one as well dries to a satin finish, so I applied a top coat.
 I love this colour so much that I already wore it twice in the past week (and that's a rarity for me, with so many nail polishes that I own). 

+ The formula
+ The packaging

- The price

Price: £13.50

Where to get? HERE

Overall: This collection feels fresh with a mixture of pastel colours typical for Spring and neon colours typical for Summer. So weather you pick a neon or a pastel colour, you'll be ready for the next season :D
I especially loved the nail polish (because I'm a nail polish freak) and the lipstick as I don't own anything like it.

Do I recommend it? Yes :)

XOXO Parisky


Maybe said...

Brsvkasto sjenilo je predivno! zaljubila sam se!

Cobra Bracelet said...

I love the color of her lips so seductive. Thanks foe sharing.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Maybe: Meni je tudi :)

Cobra Bracelet: Thank you and you're welcome :)

Lillian Funny Face said...

I love this collection, thanks for sharing the swatches :)

nail crazy said...

sve mi krasno izgleda... ali cijena je wow :-p

Anonymous said...

oooh, i love the first colour it is so pretty! and your nails look amazing :D x

Gemx said...

I really love Gamma! Such an great, bright colour! :D

Ĩudna said...

kok hud lak!! i want!! iwant!! :))

wintergurl said...

This colour looks sexy .