Snapshots: A Walk After The Rain

I just KNEW I had to take a walk, even though I'm usually a lazy bum that'd rather be in bed reading a good book. But something kept me calling to go take a walk. 
And .... I did :)

Too bad I didn't take the little camera with me, just my telephone. 

It all started with with a path to the forest near us. It just stopped raining and the sun came out.

I heard birds singing .... and  saw a tree full of doves! Too bad the telephone camera didn't see them (I was too far away).

While walking in the forest I saw  this lovely bush/tree full of blossoms. I was admiring them and photographing them, when I heard some noise. I checked what it was and it was 5 deer. It was spectacular. They were just about 5 meters from me. 

And the last picture was taken just when the sun showed itself again.

But that wasn't it :) I also met 2 dogs on a walk (that wanted to cuddle, especially one).

Ah, so not regretting going for this walk.
In general I love walking by myself in forest and paths in nature as it makes me calm, I can sort out my thoughts/feelings and I feel good about getting some exercise afterwards. Plus it's an active meditation, so I feel in love for the whole day. Ah, tra la la la la ...

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Waaa kje je ta gozd?? Me bos peljala, jaa?? :D Izgleda fuuul dobro, lepo.. mirno.
5 srn si videla? o.O Wow.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Tamara: tu v giru nas :) Sicer ni ful velik ampak je gozd. Ja 5 srn in jato grlic. Bolj jasno kot tako :P

NatalieDouka said...

Ahhh, sometimes I really wish I didn't live in a big city. The photos look so magic...